Thomas Harper

Thomas Harper

These pages explain a little about the life and work of one of the earliest and most important Masonic jewel makers of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Harper was not only a very prolific Mason – variously Grand Steward, Grand Secretary and Deputy Grand Master – playing a large part in the reunification of the Antients and Moderns in 1813, but also a very competent silversmith with premises in Fleet Street.

His jewels

Although primarily known for his fine Royal Arch jewels, still worn proudly by many Companions these days, he was also responsible for jewels in other degrees.

Thomas Harper Lodge

The Thomas Harper Lodge (9612) was named in his honour when it was formed in 1996. Its peculiar objects of study are those masonic objects – particularly jewels – pursued by collectors. The lodge does not currently have a website, although there is a short account leading to its formation on this site.

Other lodges

Thomas Harper is also believed to have been a member of the Lion and Lamb Lodge (No. 192), one of the original Atholl (or ‘Antient’) Lodges that still exists today – please visit their website for further information.